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Dear Russell

I just wanted to write a few words and thank you kindly for putting me onto your Skoot Insect repellent.

It is not often that you come across a product so remarkably better than anything used before. I am an avid photographer and recently spent 2 weeks in PNG and Vanuatu with varying groups of up to 30 people. I took with me several canisters of Skoot for the first time. What sold me immediately is the ability to handle my photographic equipment without fear of corroding the plastics. That alone would have been blessing enough.

BUT >>>>> This spray is the cleanest, driest, nicest smelling, easiest to use, most effective, transportable repellent I have ever come across. And equally as effective as any I have ever used. About half the group in Vanuatu used Skoot and the rest an assortment of sticky, smelly, gluggy liquids and sprays, roll-ons, pastes etc. Not a single Skoot user got a bite after spending over 8 hours deep in the jungle in Efate Island. WOW.

It goes in my carry-on, it cannot spill, dry out, burst and so on.

This little spray has made travel in these hostile places so significantly easier that I can honestly say that from now on I will have a can of it in every bag, vehicle and outfit no matter where I am going. Also, all the users on this trip are now solid converts and have vowed never to bother with other repellents ever again.

My sister's children finally have no trouble applying repellent and even like the fragrance of Skoot. They previously refused to wear tropical strength liquids and the youngest was even ill to the point of nausea from the smell of some products.

This is the best product in its class without peer.

Yours sincerely

Mark Rheinbay
13 May 2010

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